Rookie Bass Camp

Free Beginners Bassguitar Course, covering the very basics to playing simple bass lines, exercises and musical pieces. This collection of tutorials will get you off to a great start!

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About rookie bass camp

This course is designed for the beginning player coming from the very start to playing simple lines, exercises and musical pieces. The programme is here to get you off to a great start while laying down an all important basic musical and technical foundation you will be able to rely and build upon. This approach has helped a lot of people get started in such a way that they have a solid foundation to build on for their entire playing life.

We are happy to help you in taking your initial steps as a bass player and wish you the best at the start of your journey!

Best wishes,

Team ZBL

What you will learn from this course

In this course you will learn some basic practical music theory while building a strong technique.

You will start by learning about the strings and the notes available on a bass guitar in the first 5 frets (natural notes, sharp notes, flat notes and enharmonic notes).

Following on from that there are sections and exercises on left (fretting) hand technique and on right (plucking) hand technique. All the learning on technique and the exercises to build that will help build a strong fretboard awareness as covered in the first area of this course.

What is included in rookie bass camp

This course contains:

  • 20 lessons
  • 20 videos (totalling around 2 hours)
  • 13 sheet of accompanying music

Course structure

Introduction - An introduction to the beginners electric bass course

Getting Started - How to get off to a great start while laying down an all important musical and technical foundation

Strings And Notes - In this section we will learn the strings on bass guitars, natural, sharp and flat notes and also enharmonic notes

Strings - Learning the strings on four and five stringed bass guitars
Natural Notes - Learn the natural notes available up to the 5th fret of the bass guitar
Sharp Notes - Expanding on the natural notes, learn the sharp notes available up to the 5th fret of the instrument along with a brief look at a pentatonic scale
Flat Notes - Learn and memorise the flat notes on the first four frets of each string with practice advice and look at a pentatonic scale
Enharmonic Notes - Learn about enharmonic notes, what they are and how to work out how to determine the spelling of a note in different ways

Left Hand Technique - Learn how to get started with a solid left hand technique, a great foundation to build on

Posture - It is crucially important to get a good start with the left hand. Learn the do's and don'ts of left hand posture
Positioning - How to correctly distribute your fingers over the frets, with a personal tip for the lower positions

Left Hand Exercises - Practice left hand technique and get it solid with these great exercises

Finger Independence - Develop finger independence while learning and solidifying your fingerboard knowledge
Changing Position - Learn how to change left hand position simply
Important Finger Patterns #1 - Left Hand Exercises - Beginners Electric Bass Course
Important Finger Patterns #2 - Left Hand Exercises - Beginners Electric Bass

Right Hand Technique - Build the basis of a solid right hand technique on the bass guitar

Right Hand Fundamentals - Explanation of the fundamentals of using the first and second fingers of the right hand along with a bonus exercise
Further Aspects - Explanation of several and more in depth aspects of the right hand including playing at the bridge (Jaco Pastorius style)

Right Hand Exercises - Exercises to create a great right hand technique on bass guitar

Initial Building Of Right Hand Technique - This simple but very effective exercise develops the right hand starting with individual fingers which then combine to move up and down the strings
Improving Speed, Finger Independence And Awareness - This exercise will start to build up right speed and finger independence while increasing awareness of the strings
String Skipping - Practice finding strings by skipping and leaving one out at a time, great for playing octaves
Summary - A quick summary to sum up the right hand technique exercises


Building The Major Scale - Conclusion - Beginners Electric Bass Course
Next Steps - Conclusion - Beginners Electric Bass Course
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